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My Wife Is Dying. Does That Mean I Have to Be Lonely?

Dear Prudence,My wife has a serious medical condition that will eventually take her life. In addition to the stress of being a caregiver for her and our child and working full time, I also find myself...

Wife's dying wish was for him to clean up bloody crime scene, suspect claims: reports

A man who is accused of killing his estranged wife told the jury on Wednesday that it was her wish for him to clean up the crime scene, saying "please don't let my son see me like this," reports said.

Colorado Man Pleads Guilty To Strangling Wife, 2 Young Daughters

Christopher Watts, 33, had gone on television in August to call for the safe return of his wife and children. But the bodies of the three were later discovered dumped in an oil field.

Democrats Win US Senate, Governor in Nevada 'Blue Wave'

The Democratic "blue wave" hit up and down the ballot in Nevada on Tuesday, toppling an incumbent Republican U.S. senator, keeping two open U.S. House seats in the Democratic column and giving the par...

The Women's Wave Made History

The accomplishments of women candidates in this year's cycle range from first-time candidates heading to Congress to elected breaking glass ceilings in their state. At the election of Donald Trump in...

What happened to the Democrats' blue wave?

Blue wave? What blue wave? Yes, the Democrats seized control of the House of Representatives in Tuesday's midterm elections. That's a victory. Especially when it comes to Democratic oversight of the e...

CNN's Jake Tapper: 'This is not a blue wave'

Democrats' dreams of a so-called blue wave don't appear to be coming to fruition, according to CNN's Jake Tapper. After CNN projected that Republican Rep. Andy Barr will win in Kentucky's 6th Congress...

Colorado man charged in murder of pregnant wife and daughters enters guilty plea

A Colorado man accused of murdering his pregnant wife and two daughters entered a guilty plea on Tuesday as a part of a deal that would prevent him from facing the death penalty, prosecutors said.

Donut City Customers Help Owner Care For His Wife

John and Stella Chhan have operated the store for nearly 30 years. She is recovering from an aneurysm. Customers now buy all the treats by mid morning so he can leave and spend time with his wife.

Man accused in brutal murder of Brazilian soccer star says player was trying to rape his wife

One of the men accused in the murder of a Brazilian soccer star says he killed Daniel Correa Freitas because the athlete was trying to rape his wife.

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